135-141 Manhattan Drive, Photo by Louis McAllister in 1938

Coordinates: 18T 0641602 UTM 4927556

This photo was also taken on October 19th, 1938. It once again features the twin houses of 135 and 141 North Bend, here with an old car parked outside of 141. This view is at Park Street, looking west back toward 73 Manhattan. This McAllister photo captures more construction workers. One is heaving the contents of his wheelbarrow into the ravine, as a small boy is playing by the side of the ravine.

135-141 Manhattan Drive, Photo by Julie Weisgerber in 2005


Today, Park Street now extends down into the ravine. The ravine is now bordered with a chain-link fence and trees. A large residential structure now replaces the two-story home with sun porch at the left side of the photo.

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