73 Manhattan Drive, Photo by Louis McAllister in 1945

Coordinates: 18T 0641467 UTM 4927561

This 1945 photo shows the street project looking west toward 73 North Bend. In the foreground, a barricade is set up using sawhorses. Behind it trackers are being used to press down the rock. The 1945 Burlington Annual Report described the job as “constructing a two-inch hot-stone-filled-sheer asphalt-plant-mix wearing surface, over the new asphalt penetration base.”[1] McAllister also captured another change to the area. Sometime between 1926 and 1942[2], Crowley Street had been closed off at the mouth of North Bend, making way for 73’s neighbor, 77 North Bend. On the left side, the curb is collecting a fair bit of constructing debris. It is a sunny summer’s day, and both the bushes and the grass are growing, almost out of control. In the background, just to the right of the first power pole, is the tower of the Providence Orphan Asylum. Click here for the McAlister photo and history of the orphanage.

            73 North Bend was originally 65-north Bend, and has been through several changes. When it first appeared on the 1906 Sanborn map, it was a one and a half story home with an open porch along the south side.[3] The house sat at the corner of North Bend on Crowley Street. The address changes from 63 to 73 in 1923.[4] When McAllister captured the home in his 1945 photograph the house had changed to a two-story structure with a one-story wrap around enclosed porch. The front gabled structure was covered with clabbord, with some decorative shingles on the second story where the wall approaches the eave

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73 Manhattan Drive, Photo by Julie Weisgerber in 2005


There have been a few changes in within the last 60 years. Large trees now dot the landscape, almost obliterating the view of 73 Manhattan Drive. Also the house in the foreground has changed its roof.

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