293-295 Manhattan Drive, Photo by Louis McAllister in 1929

Coordinates: 18T 0641941 UTM 4927673


This is the last of the McAllister series for this section of Manhattan Drive at the corner of Spring Street. Here, he is showing the right side of the street highlighting once again 293-295 North Bend. The 1930 Burlington Annual Report mentions the project and gave a critique. “This pavement has also given very satisfactory results during the past year and if the condition of the pavement next spring indicates satisfaction we will probably be able to use this same type with some modifications based on our experiences of this year in constructing other streets with some sub-base conditions and where traffic is not too heavy.”[1]  Two men stand to side watching the progress of the project, and the man on the tractor is the same one seen in the first of the series.

1. Sixty-Sixth Annual Report of the City of Burlington, Vermont (Burlington: Free Press Printing, 1930), 221.

293-295 Manhattan Drive, Photo by Julie Weisgerber in 2005



This photo once again illustrates the fact that 293-295 Manhattan Drive is no longer standing.

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