North Street at North Ave - McAllister Photo, Sept. 4,1930

Standing approximately in front of #21 North Street, McAllister photographed the work crew at the corner of North Street and North Avenue on September 4, 1930.  The crew, as stated in the caption on the photo, was “laying quick drying Incor cement” and were utilizing a large cement mixer and smoothing board.  Large water hoses attached to the corner fire hydrant aids in keeping the cement wet while the crew sets it.

The building in the background facing North Avenue, is addressed  #87,89,93,95.  A sign that reads “Saiger’s, Meat, Groc” marks the location of Saiger’s Grocery and General Merchandise store that occupied the storefront level at #93 North Avenue in 1902 and by 1912 occupied the entire main floor of the building. [1]   In 1928, the business was sold to Alex Colodny, however the store was still known as Saiger’s until c. 1932. [2]   Colodny ran his grocery business here until 1979. [3]   Throughout this time, tenants rented the upper story apartments at each address.

The house, to the right in the photo, was #2 North Street and owned by Joseph Arnold.  According to the city directories between the years of 1875 and 1920, the Second Empire house with a curved Mansard roof was where Arnold ran a grocery business.  Chain-linked fencing topped with security barbed wire surrounds the property and there is a hint of a tree in the side yard.

Two adult men in suits and hats stand, watching the work crew.  The man on the left side of the street appears to be gesturing to the men laying the cement.  Children on bicycles, as well as standing, are also apart of those interested in the work being done.  Small items to notice are the signage for the work crew atop the cement mixer, utility poles, and a flagpole with the American flag flying.  The automobile parked in front of Saiger’s could be a delivery truck.



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North Street at North Ave - K.Smith Photo, Oct. 2005

The present day photo, taken September 24, 2005, is taken in the same direction of the McAllister photo, however the streetscape has changed.  The most noticeable difference is #2 North Street is no longer standing.  The Sanborn map of 1942 shows the building footprint, however by the 1960 Sanborn map a gas station is at the location.  A gas station remains today at this corner with the address of #98 North Avenue.  #87,89,93,95 North Avenue remains, however not as a grocery.  The building was purchased in c.1980 by Burlington College and extensively remodeled. [1]   The large, first floor glass paned windows seen in the McAllister photo have been removed, leaving only one visibly large pane of glass to the far left.  The window placement on the two upper stories on the main block of the building has remained.  The two-story wing to the north has the main entrance, which is accentuated by a wall of glass panes.  This feature separates the two buildings.  Small things to notice are the trees, traffic light, light poles, modern vehicles, and the large brown building now occupying the corner where the flagpole once stood.


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