Colchester Ave toward Mansfield Ave- McAllister Photo July 1933

The McAllister photograph dated July 12,1933 shows the completion of the road construction on Colchester Avenue.  The view is from East Avenue and looks toward the west.  A vast lawn to the south has a line of trees going out of view.  Both sides of Colchester Avenue are lined with large American elm trees as well as utility poles lining the south side of the avenue. On the north side of Colchester Avenue are residential buildings as well as a parked automobile.  Children are standing along the north side of the avenue watching McAllister as he is taking the photo.  A man with a child is further down the north side sidewalk, turned away from the camera.





Colchester Avenue towards Mansfield Ave – K. Smith, Nov. 2005

The November 2005 photo show a streetscape changed.  The south side of the road still has a vast lawn, however it has grouped evergreens.  Both sides of the avenue have utility poles and wires.  On the north side of the avenue are still residential buildings as well as a parking lot.  In the distance, a portion of the University of Vermont campus can be seen with the roof and steeple of Ira Allen Chapel and a small glimpse of the Robert Hull Fleming Museum.  Modern vehicles are driving west into the distance.

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