Louis McAllister 1930

The photograph shows the storefront for the Paramount Cut Rate Shoppe upon completion of the road construction in the late fall of 1930 2. 216 North Street is pictured next to the Paramount Cut Rate Shoppe.  This building was erected in 1850 1. The residential building is front gabled with a large wrap around porch.  The house extends far back into the large lot.  On the south side of North Street at its intersection with Elmwood Avenue is the Elmwood Cemetery. The cemetery measures five acres, and was officially laid out in 1813 1. The cemetery fence in this photograph is an ornate wrought iron fence. At the eastern border of the graveyard is address 233 North Street circa 1865 1. The lot has two buildings on it 3 . This side gabled two story vernacular building has always been residential. The smaller wing was connected to the main building block around 1942 3 . A prominent carpenter lived at 233 North Street at the turn of the century.

The date of this photograph was deduced using the Flynn welcome sign in the background announcing the opening of the Flynn Theatre, which occurred in 1930.  This year , 2005, the Flynn celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Lucy Pittman October 18th, 2005

In the photograph pedestrian walkways have been added to the intersection. Construction is taking place on the replica lightposts, of the antique lightposts from the1930's, that were added to North Street during its recent revitalization.

The addresses prominent in the McAllister photograph still remain. Some changes have been made to the porch of 216 North Street, including additional brackets and wooden trim. The large building at 233 North Street is one unit and has been converted into apartments, like many of the houses on North Street after the economic decline of the street and surrounding areas.

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