Louis McAllister August 18, 1930 (18T 0642076)

McAllister snaps this photograph of men at work paving North Street as he faces east. The photograph pictures address 204 North Street to the right. This building erected in 1845 is on the National Register of Historic Places and has always served a commercial purpose. At the time of the photograph the building was occupied by the Paramount Cut Rate Shoppe1.

The building possesses an interesting asymmetrical shape that offers an entrance at the corner intersection of Elmwood Avenue, Intervale Avenue, and North Street. Closing down an important intersection like this must have caused some complaints during the extensive road construction. The building has a secondary entrance at the second story level on North Street, pictured clearly in this photograph where the young child looks on at the pavers at the foot of the wooden roofed entrance staircase.


Lucy Pittman October 18th, 2005

In the current image 204 North Street stands tall. Some other buildings around the intersection have been lost. Yet 204 North Street perserveres with modest changes. The Paramount Cut Rate Shoppe no longer inhabits the building. Today it is the Diamond Taxi Service, as the yellow cab indicates. The basement level has been clad in a stone veneer. The staircase has been rebuilt with wooden rails and cement steps. The irregular plan of the building remains and is characteristic of North Street 1 . Many streets cross North Street creating sharp angles at most of the intersections, in turn the footprints of corner buildings are shaped by the roads.

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