The area of North Street between Elmwood Avenue and North Winooski Avenue is of significant historical importance. It completes the eastern end of the North Street Historic District in Burlington, Vermont. The buildings on this section of North Street were erected between the years of 1840 and 1875. The area retains a similar physical appearance as it did over seventy years ago. The range of commercial businesses have diminished and the number of rental properties has grown. A comparison of Louis McAllister's photographs from the Depression Era compared to present day photographs of North Street provide a storyline of the many transitions occuring on this historical block in the Old North End. Please choose an area you would like to learn more about by clicking on the angles on the sitemap above or from the list below.

204 North Street looking West

204, 216, 233 North Street and the Elmwood Cemetery looking East

143-147 North Winooski Avenue, 248 North Street, 249 North Street, 250 North Street, 252-258 North Street

250-260 North Street



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