North Winooski Avenue from Pearl Street north to 103 North Winooski Avenue

Photo Pair 7

Viewable buildings: 57 and 61 North Winooski Avenue

Photographer:  Louis L. McAllister

Date:  October 27, 1928

It captures the same road construction project as photo comparisons 4 and 6.  A beam is protruding from the back of the truck, in which a wide rake-like tool appears to be smoothing over freshly poured concrete.  About six men are at the back of the truck working on moving the rake over the cement, one man is controlling the truck, and a few men are overseeing the project.  It appears to be an exciting event for this street; many young boys are watching as the men work.  While the construction project is the subject of the photograph, it is difficult to miss the extraordinary example of Queen Anne architecture.  It sits on the southwest corner of the intersection of North Winooski Avenue and Grant Street.  It was built circa 1889, as it first appears on the Sanborn map in 1889 listed as “B”, perhaps too early for a number.   However, in 1906, the house is listed as number 49 with number 57 in parentheses; in 1926 it reads as number 49 again.  By 1978, the number had been changed to 57, and has remained the same.  Whatever the number may have been, all inhabitants must have enjoyed the covered wraparound porch on the first floor with the main entrance to the left on the main façade.  A gabled section porch on the left of the façade welcomes visitors to the main entrance, and the gable is decorated with lattice.  At the time of this photograph was taken, this house had a shed added in the back, and also made room for an office.(1)  The office would have been for Charles Ravey who was a physician here in 1928.(2)  Beyond the construction equipment, an Italianate style building can be seen, which is 61 North Winooski Avenue.  It was built sometime after 1869; most likely between 1870 and 1876, as it is not pictured in the Beers 1869 map, but does appear in the 1877 Birds Eye view of Burlington.(3)  The rectangular building extends the long way down Grant Street, with a flat roof and overhanging cornice with double brackets.  It seems as though it was always a grocery store, but the earliest recorded date of it serving as a store is 1902 when Judson Haynes ran it.(4)  At the time this photograph was taken in 1928, William Melaven was the grocer, and turned into the Grand Union Teach Company in 1929.(5)  Grant Street was a fairly new street at the time number 61 was built; it did not appear on a map until the 1869 Beers map was published.

(1) 1926 Sanborn

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(3) 1869 Beers Map

    1877 Birds Eye View

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Photographer:  Rebecca McNamara

Date:  December 5, 2005

UTM Coordinates:  18T 0642247 4926964

Standing in front of 52 North Winooski Avenue looking north


The Queen Anne home is one of the best-preserved homes on the street.  The only slightly noticeable change has been the removal of the short decorative spindles under the roof of the porch.  It appears to be split up into three apartments now, but retains the original character of the building.  The exterior is painted with different colors, typical of the style; however, the black and white photographs are not sensitive to color, so it is difficult to tell if it is an original or modern paint job.  Also, someone planted bushes in front of the house that have grown up some, and cars now line the street in front.  The Italianate building has greatly changed physically:  it has been resided in white vinyl with contrasting bright green trim, and the cornice eaves have been torn down along with the Italianate brackets.  However, the building’s use as a grocery store remained until at least 1978.  However, that ended by 1990 when the old grocery store was making political history:  it served as the offices for Bernie Sanders for Congress, the former mayor of Burlington.(1)  He won the seat for the United States Congress in 1990 and has been Vermont’s Independent representative to the House up until now, 2005.(2) 

(1) 1990 City Directory

(2) “Bernie Sanders – Biography”.  15 November 2005. 



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