North Winooski Avenue from Pearl Street north to 103 North Winooski Avenue

Photo Pair 5

Viewable buildings: 47 and 57 North Winooski Avenue

Photographer:  Louis McAllister

Date:  November 20, 1928

The inscription on the photograph reads, “Pouring concrete base (1-2 ½ - 5 mix) on North Winooski Ave. using ‘Incor’ Knickerbocker cement”.  This photograph was taken only three days before photo #3, which showcases the completion of the paving project.  There is a large concrete mixer that is connected to a beam, which is lying over the streetcar tracks.  It appears that both sides of the road had been raked before being cemented over, as there are fine lines on the surface of the road.  Previous to this project, the 1891 street improvement project consisted of being “dressed with crushed stone from Pearl to Grant”.(1)  A photo from 1912 shows a streetcar running down College Street on a paved road; the streetcar required a smooth riding surface in order to stay on course.(2)  Therefore, there must have been a variety of street projects to keep up with the rapidly changing methods of transportation in the early 20th century.  To the left of the construction, this photograph shows 47 North Winooski Avenue most prominently.  Bags of dry cement line the area between the street and the sidewalk.  One man on the right side of the photograph appears to be moving rather rapidly.   

(1) Burlington City Directory 1891

(2) Carlough, p. 46


Photographer:  Rebecca McNamara

Date:  December 6, 2005

UTM Coordinates:  18T 0642215 4927027

Standing in front of 42 North Winooski Avenue looking northwest


From 1928 to 2005, this section of the street has changed very little; the main changes have been on the houses themselves.  In 1942, an addition to a rear garage has been added to 47 for use as a three-car garage.  By 1978, an addition has been built on the south side of number 41.  And by conducting a site survey, it is noticed that all three houses are apartment buildings.  Number 41 has been resided with modern siding, wider than the original, in a brownish color.  The roof of the bay windows is still slate, and the rosette pattern can still be seen.  It appears that the current owners are doing work; the upstairs bay window frame is being primed.  Number 47 was resided with yellow aluminum.  The porch has been painted white; and the balcony from the 2nd story balcony has been removed.  Number 47 appears to be in good shape; it appears to retain the original siding.  The main difference on the front façade is the entrance porch has been expanded, and a second story added on.  Unlike the rest of the contemporary comparisons on the street thus far, the trees are much larger here in 2005 than in 1928.  The traffic of automobiles has greatly increased since 1928; the modern photos show cars and vans racing down the street, as modern society is very reliant on the automobile.



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