North Winooski Avenue from Pearl Street north to 103 North Winooski Avenue

Photo Pair 11

Viewable buildings: 72 North Winooski Avenue

Photographer:  Louis L. McAllister

Date:  July 1929


This photo was taken in July of 1929 with an inscription reading, “North Winooski Ave. looking north from Grant Street to North Street showing concrete base and gutters, also old track area”.  A sign reading, “Danger, street construction pass at your own risk”, sits at the northwest corner of Grant and North Winooski.  The tracks are beginning to be torn up in this photograph, and the completion of paving over the tracks is begun to see in October, which was showcased in the previous photograph.  The Greek Revival house that can be seen through the foliage of the elm trees is number 72, which was described in the previous photo comparison as well. 


Photographer:  Rebecca McNamara

Date:  December 5, 2005

UTM Coordinates:  18T 0642224 49269991

Standing on the southwest corner of North Winooski Avenue and Grant Street looking northeast.


This view corridor still looks very much the same.  By 1942, number 71 with the 2-story porch and number 72 had been converted to apartments.  In 1978, number 72 was being used as a halfway house.(1)  The major differences for the road are that it became a one-way street and crosswalks have been installed at the 3-way intersection.  The elm trees have passed away, and young saplings were planted in their place.  The speed limit for the area is now 25 miles per hour.

(1)Morschbach, “72 North Winooski Avenue”.



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