21., 22., 23. & 24. MOVING 32 BARRETT STREET

August to October 1941

This series of four images illustrate the process of lifting and moving the house at 32 Barrett Street up and back from the street. The versos of the McAllister prints contain typed captions outlining the move. Thus the first image, dated August 4, 1941, showing the east elevation of the house, describes conditions before work began:

"Note the new integral curbing and gutter just constructed on the top of the old stone retaining wall about ten feet in front of the house; also the old wooden stairs necessary to descent in order to enter the ground floor of the house which is approximately ten feet below the surface of the street; also note condition of the old chimney which was later rebuilt on the outside of the house."

The next image, dated September 5, explains:

"This view shows the Rossetti residence in process of being raised and moved back out of the street area to the new reinforced concrete sub-foundation walls."

A close-up shot of the southwest corner describes some of the complications encountered:

"Note the condition of the sill and the studding of the sidewalls; also note that the sidewalls are filled with brick and mortar in the spaces between studdings. This added considerable weight to the structure and with the rotten condition of the sills (the sill in the right foreground being entirely gone… the sill in the picture is a new timber)… made the raising process difficult."

Finally, on October 17, 1941, the house had been lifted ten feet and moved fifteen feet back from the road. A new chimney is being built by workmen on wood scaffolding and ladders. The steep grade of the hill is clearly visible in this image of the east elevation. The concrete foundation was clad with cement blocks and is nearly as tall as the two-story building. The new sidewalk and asphalt paving along Barrett Street have also been finished. According to the caption, more than three thousand cubic yards of earth fill was placed between the street and the building’s new location.



21., 22., 23. & 24. 32 BARRETT STREET

(18T 0644282   UTM 4927670)

October and November 2005

This group of recent images, showing the east, south and west sides of 32 Barrett Street, illustrate how the house has been restored since the 1980s. Maple trees planted around the building provide shade for the yard but prevent a clear view of the surrounding neighbor- hood.




West elevation of 32 Barrett Street - November 2, 2005

(18T 0644271   UTM 4927669)



Southwest corner showing entryways and foundation wall

October 11, 2005

(18T 0644318   UTM 4927669)



Barrett Street looking west with 32 Barrett Street partially visible behind maple trees

November 2, 2005

(18T 0644333   UTM 4927662)

Colchester Avenue east of East Avenue, Barrett and Mill Streets

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