Burlington 1877


What still stands from between 1869 and 1877 in Burlington, Vermont?


57-59 Lafountain Street


Shown above is another prime example of a typical working class family house in the North End. It was built circa 1877. This building’s massing is a bit larger than that of the workers houses on Allen Street. The first owner of this home was Oliver Garrow[1], who worked for T.A. Wheelock[2], a plumbing company. Although this building has been added to, the  building’s original form is still apparent. The additions look to have been at different times because the structure that is further back matches the house more accurately. A Sites and Structures Survey listed the style of this building as Italianate because it had brackets in the eaves of the gable ends and supporting the entrance hood, however these have since been removed.


[1] 1890 Hopkins Map

[2] Burlington City Directory, 1877-1878