Burlington 1877


What still stands from between 1869 and 1877 in Burlington, Vermont?




46 Allen Street


Forty-six Allen Street was built circa 1873 as a single-family dwelling. The first owner listed in the Burlington city directory was Gustavus Perkins, who worked at Rolf Tyler and Company. He lived in the house with his three sons: Norman, who worked for the Wells Richardson Company; Frank, who was a clerk for Ira Russel and Company; and Rufus who worked at Star Laundry[1].


By the 1880’s ownership of 46 Allen Street had transferred to Norman Perkins[2] who was, at the time, working for Van Strickland and Spaulding[3]. Directly next to this house, Frank Perkins built another house (44 Allen Street) circa 1881. By this time he was a partner in the Roberts and Perkins law firm. Today, these houses are attached and have undergone significant changes to accommodate several apartments, however it is still easy to see two distinct buildings.






44 Allen Street


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