Burlington 1877

What still stands from between 1869 and 1877 in burlington, VT?


The Historic Sites and Structures Survey states the date of construction for this property as c.1875. A one and one-half story vernacular farm house, this structure may have been part of the Pomeroy farmland prior to 1880’s-1890.[1]

Desfordins is the name given on the 1890 C.M. Hopkins map for this property, which corresponds to a Desjardins, Telespore at 50 Pomeroy in the 1884-1885 directory. The following year it is occupied by Theophile Desjardins.[2] To explain the name appearing on the 1890 map it seems likely that Jules R. Desjardins, a builder and slate roofer listed in the 1890 directory, built the structure and was using it as a rental property.


Jules R. Desjardins dies on July 27, 1898. By 1909 the property is occupied by John B. Parker.[4]

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