Burlington 1877

What still stands from between 1869 and 1877 in burlington, VT?


392 North Street is a brick, two story structure with polychrome slate roof, one-over-one fenestration and modest porch wrapping around the corner of the first story on the west and south elevations of the building.

Mrs. Lydia H. Place resided at 392 North Street for the first time in 1877-1878. She was a seamstress and the only Place listed at this address until 1881 when Lillian A. Place moved in. In 1886 her husband Sylvester passed away, curiously there had been no mention of him in the directory prior to this point. Lydia is joined at this time by Florence Place, but both have left the residence by 1890.[1]

The next inhabitants of this house are Edward and George Parady in 1892, a carpenter and student, respectively. They live together for two years and are joined by George P. Parady, another student, in 1894. The following year another student arrives, Miss Julia M Parady, but in 1896 all four move to 186 North Willard.[2]

In 1909 Joseph Lawrence is listed as resident of this property.[3]

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