Burlington 1877

What still stands from between 1869 and 1877 in Burlington, Vermont?

North and South Champlain Street Corridor

Nicole Kathleen Janton

4 December 2003

            The North and South Champlain Street Corridor includes many cross streets. Since 1877 the cross streets have changed not only in character, but sometimes in name. The houses that stand, built from the period of 1869 to 1877, along this corridor speak of the history of the built environment and the development of communities.

            Most of the people who had lived in this neighborhood have been laboreres and tradesmen. In some cases, there had been shop owners or trained professionals who had made this area their home. There appears to be patters in the buildings as well.

            There seem to be three distinct building types that appear to have been built in this area during this time. The first being a two-story house, two bays wide, with an offset entrance on the gable front facade of the structure. The second a two-story, gable front two bays wide with an offset eaves side entrance. The third a one and one-half story house with two primary story windows and a single upper-story window centered on the gable front facade and a eaves side entrance. These types are not the only in the neigborhood though.

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