82 Park Street

82 Park Street is a large two-story rectangular house with its primary entrance on the front fa¨ade.  The side-gable roof and full-length one-story front porch and small side porch are defining features of this house.   

On the 1869 BeerÕs Map, the property on which this house now stands was a vacant lot owned by Clark.  It appears that John Clark lived and worked in the Burlington area as a carpenter for several years before building a house at this location around 1877.[1]  John Clark is listed as a resident and the owner of the house until at least 1901.  He did rent to boarders that worked in the Burlington area for local industries including the B.S. Nichols & Company, which was a machinery shop. 

[1] 1869-1870, 1873-1874, 1875-1876 and 1877-1878 Burlington City Directories.