76 Park Street

76 Park Street is a simple vernacular house built in a tri-gable ell.  The house is two-stories with a single-story porch on the right side that appears to be original. 

In 1869 F. Smith owned a house on a large piece of property, which included the plot of land that 76 Park Street is now on.[1]  Charles P. Smith is listed as a boarder of F. Smith until this house was built circa 1877, then he became listed as the owner of this house.[2]  Charles Smith is listed as the owner up until 1890 and it appears that he rented a portion of the house to boarders while he occupied it.[3]  By 1901, the house was under new ownership by William J. Jackson, the assistant Superintendent of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.  It appears that the house has two living units with two occupants listed as living in the house most years.[4]  In 1930, a salesman and an employee of the Burlington Free Press lived in this house.[5]

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