30 Strong Street

Strong Street was a new street in Burlington, which first appeared on the BirdŐs Eye View Map of 1877.  The 1969 BeerŐs Map shows the area in which Strong Street is now located as part of the Chittenden County Fairgrounds.  There are two houses built on Strong Street between 1870 and 1877 that greatly resemble one another, house number 30 and house number 40.  30 Strong Street is vernacular in design with its simple gable front entrance.  There have been additions to the house including the enclosed from porch and the addition in the back. 

From the Burlington city directories, it appears that Mr. & Mrs. Brownell were the first resident of the house.[1]  Mr. Brownell was first employed at a sewing machine company but later became employed in the booming lumber industry on BurlingtonŐs waterfront.[2]  By 1901, the house had been divided into a multi residence with a lumber dealer, a worker at Queen City Cotton Co., and a widow all listed as resident of the house.[3] Throughout the years, the house changed ownership many times with widows and people of various occupations living there.[4]

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