190 Park Street

190 Park Street is a simple vernacular house with its primary entrance on the gable front faćade.  The wrap porch appears to be original with Queen Anne inspired support posts.  The house has a large two-story rear addition with a flat roof that does not match the massing of the original house. 

The house first appears in the Burlington City Directory of 1884-1885 and its owner is listed as Theophile Major, a carpenter.  The house changed ownership by 1890 with M. McKenzie listed as the owner that year.[1]  By 1901, the house had a new owner with various boarders residing in it.[2]  The boarders in 1901 include two Burlington City Fire Department employees along with other residents.[3]  In 1920, a tinsmith resided at the house and throughout the house’s history there have been a variety of residents and owners.[4] 

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