172 & 174 Battery Street

Both 172 & 174 Battery Street and 168 & 170 Battery Street were built between 1870 and 1877.  (Please note 172 & 174 Battery Street is the red brick building on the right with the gabled roof.)  Both of the buildings contribute to the Battery Street Historic District.  These two buildings are both in excellent condition and both have commercial space on their first floors and residential spaces above. 

The building is identified as being owned by J. Donnelly on the 1890 HopkinÕs Map.  The building was used as a tenement house with employees of the nearby lumberyards, shoe manufactures, grocers and laborers among the boarders.[1]  There was a retail-clothing store in the building from 1930 until 1970 as well as various boarders.[2]  Around 1980 there was a decline to this building as well as its neighboring building 168 & 170 Battery Street and both were left vacant.[3]  Around 1990, the area began to experience re-growth and 172 & 174 Battery Street and it neighbor 168 & 170 Battery Street have experienced a resurgence ever since.[4]    

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