Lafountain Street


The buildings located on the west side of Lafountain Street marked the eastern most boundary of the Author's research area. By visually comparing current aerial maps to the 1869 Beers Atlas map, it appears that two structures might possibly survive. However, finding firm historic evidence to tie these structures to the footing s on the map was not possible on this street. Again, the Historic Preservation department Survey assignment provided some information on this street.

59 Lafountain Street

This building shows a similar footprint to that found on the 1869 Beers Map. Vermont Sites and Structures Survey dates this building c. 1877.1 As can be seen in the photo, a later addition has recently been removed on the north side revealing more of the original structure. The 1881 directory lists an Oliver Garreau, an employee of J.E. Lanou at this location. The 1877 Directory places him here as well. However, the 1873 directory lists him at 14 Lafountain. The 1890 Hopkins map shows an O. Garrow at this location, undoubtedly a misspelling of the original name. More research is needed to verify this address with the 1869 map location.

105 Lafountain

This small house on the corner of Lafountain and North Bend is seen clearly on the 1869 Beers map as one of the only structures in the area at this time. Despite that fact, there is very little information that was found regarding whether this is the original structure. Additions have been placed on the rear of the structure, but the central massing remains intact. According to the Historic Preservation survey project, the earliest known owner was George Deno, who is listed at this address on the 1890 Hopkins map. Deed research was also done for this project yielding no clues as to the original owner.2 By 1890, the site does show several out buildings which are not present on the 1869 map.

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