280 North Winooski

            This building was constructed on the northeastern side of Winooski Avenue between 1853 and 1869.  It is a two and a half story, timber framed, side gabled structure sheathed in vinyl siding.  It is indicative of the vernacular style of architecture that was being constructed in the latter part of the 19th century in Burlington.  Originally, the footprint was a simple rectangular mass.  Around the turn of the century, a large ell-shaped addition was constructed towards the rear[1].

            Information about the original owner was unavailable.  The first known tenant was Peter McGettrick[2] who died sometime before 1890.  His widow and children, M.Chester, Kate H., Marguerite, and Kate, remained on the estate until after the turn of the century.  The McGettricks owned the property and rented it to Henry Barney, a candy maker, around 1910.   After the 1930s occupancy was varied.

[1] 1900 Sanborn Insurance Map of Burlington.

[2] Burlington City Directories, 1869, 1880, 1881.