260-2 North Winooski Avenue

            This building, located on the northeast side of busy North Winooski Avenue, was constructed circa 1869.  It is a timber frame, two by two bays, two and a half story, gable front house that shows the vernacular style of the Old North End.  The windows have simple, arch window surrounds and  form a contrast to the asphalt shingle sheathing.

The original footprint is a simple rectangle.  By 1890, a one-story addition was constructed to the southeast elevation and rear.  The 1900 Sanborn Map showed a porch addition to the southeast, which serves now as the entrance.  The footprint has remained constant for the past century.

            The 1869 Beers Atlas Map of Burlington names W.R. Vilas as the owner, however, there is no information available.  The next tenant was Mrs. P. Alix, a dressmaker who worked out of her home, and her husband Paul[1].  The Alix family stayed in the house until sometime after 1910, when Napoleon Lemieux took up residency. 

            The house was split up into three apartments by 1930.  Napoleon Lemieux (a retired carpenter) Edward Fleming and George Seymore(a fireman.)  Various tenants resided in the house[2].

[1] Burlington City Directory, 1890.

[2] Burlington City Directory, 1901, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940