280 North Street

The Historic Sites and Structures survey claims the construction of this building to have been completed in 1870, but I believe that it was finished prior to the completion of the 1869 Beers maps.  The original structure was a two and a half story, wood frame, clapboard structure with two over two lights, however it has changed considerably over its lifetime.  The1894 Sanborn Map shows a multitude of additions on the east side as well as to the rear[1].  By 1900 it had attained its present form[2].

According to the 1869 Beers Atlas Map of Burlington, the first owner of the property was GWH.  However, GWH was not present in the Burlington City Directories as an occupant.  The 1890 map shows the name J. Latainville, who lived here with his until 1991, when he died.  The Farnham family moved in later, Lucian C. was an employee with the Elmwood Avenue Cemetery.  Mrs. Eliza lived there alone between 1920s and 1930, as a widow.  Tenancy of the home changed hands many times after 1930[3].

[1] 1894 Sanborn Insurance Map.

[2] 1900 Sanborn Insurance Map

[3] Burlington City Directories, 1890, 1899-1900, 1901, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950.