188 North Street

This side gable roof house fronts the northern side of North Street at number 188.  It has been recognized as part of a National Register Nomination for North Street as a contributing historic structure however the proposed date of construction on that nomination was 1888.  The 1869 Beers Atlas Map shows a structure on this site, as well as the 1877 Birds Eye Map of Burlington.  Which would place date of construction two decades earlier.  I believe further research would help verify the actual date of construction.

The first recognized owner of the property is Isaac Fugere, a carpenter.  By 1890 the house had considerable alterations[1].  A large wing was constructed to the southern side as well as a rear projection to the east.  The family stayed with house until the mid 1950s when George L. Fugere, a laborer, died.


[1] 1890 Hopkins Map of Burlington