208 Elmwood Avenue


            This is a two-and-one-half story, three bays wide, gable roof house that faces west along Elmwood Avenue.  It has had several additions throughout its life.  Between 1869 and 1890, there was a large addition constructed off the back[1]. Some time before 1900 a porch was added to the southern elevation, the site of todays entrance[2]. 

According to the 1869 Beers Atlas map, the structure belonged to M.J., yet research in the Burlington City Directories uncovered that a Miss Charity E. Freeman lived there in 1869.  Next to her name in the City Directory is a parenthetical reference, (col) which denotes that she is a woman of color.   She and her descendants resided in the house until 1910, when the house was split into two apartments and saw a number of tenants. 

[1] 1869 Beers Atlas Map of Burlington, 1890 Hopkins Map of Burlington

[2] 1900 Sanborn Insurance Map