27-31 Decatur Street

            This building is a two and a half story, wood frame house with clapboards.  Its roof has a side gable and central chimney.  It is similar to other houses in the area in its massing and design.  The original structure changed considerably by 1894[1], when multiple additions were added to the rear and porches were attached to the northwest and southeast elevations. 

            The 1869 map provided the name L.Brooks as the first owner, however no information was available in the Burlington City Directories.  The first 30 years of the buildings history are questionable, however, the 1901 Directory provided the name William McDermott, a carpenter, as tenant.  In 1910, Donet and Donah La Force stayed on the property as an operator and telegrapher, respectively.  Tenants moved in and out of 27 Decatur Street for the remainder of the 20th century.

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[1] 1869 Beers Atlas Map of Burlington, 1890 Hopkins Map of Burlington, 1894 Sanborn Insurance Map