Constructed prior to 1869, 62 East Avenue appears to have been erected in at least two stages. A two-story, two-by-two bay, frame building with a gable front roof comprises the main block. A one-story, one-bay, shed roof addition extends from the rear of this block. A two-story, two-bay, side gabled wing with a one-story, full-width shed roof porch extends to the south of the main block.

62 East Avenue is listed on the 1869 Beers atlas map as "H. W. Catlin" and was situated across the road from H. W. Catlin homestead which is the present-day site of the Mary Fletcher Hospital complex. From 1865 to 1868, Burlington city directories show H. W. Catlin as living in a house on Colchester Avenue. The 1870 census lists Catlin, a prominent Burlingtonian, as a 58-year-old white male. In the 1871-1872 directory, H. W. Catlin is living in a house on Colchester Avenue near East Avenue.

The 1870 Hopkins map of Burlington listed "A. Payne" as residing at the former H. W. Catlin residence. It is also evident that the construction of Mary Fletcher Hospital and the demolition of the H. W. Catlin homestead have been completed by this time. Anne Payne, widow of Patrick, is listed in the Burlington City Directories from 1879-1893 as residing at 62 East Avenue.

The 1900 Burlington city directory fails to list 62 East Avenue, however, the 1901 directory identifies Demaire at 62 East Avenue. From 1902-1905, Mitchell Demain occupied 62 East Avenue. By 1910, the Burlington city directory lists a Mrs. M. Demain, a widower, residing at 62 East Avenue.

The 1920 Burlington city directory identified Herbert J. Colton, a gas fitter for the Burlington Light and Power Company. The 1930 Burlington city directory listed Gavin P. Tyndall, retired, as residing at 62 East Avenue. Herman G. Banks, a janitor at the University of Vermont and Cederick D. Justis, manager of the Justis Vault Company are shown in the 1940 Burlington city directory for 62 East Avenue.