Built prior to 1869, 440 Colchester Avenue is a two-story, three-by-three bay, rectangular dwelling. The gable-front, front façade is oriented toward Colchester Avenue. A two story, full-length, shed roof porch projects from the north façade. The exterior of the house is clad in faux stone and synthetic siding. Sanborn Fire Insurance maps from the late 1880's up to 1978 identify 440 Colchester Avenue as a one and one-half story rectangular dwelling with a full-length porch on the north façade.

440 Colchester Avenue is listed on the 1869 Beers atlas as "E.W. Chase." The 1870 census identified E. W. Chase as a fifty-one year old white male whose place of birth was New Hampshire. E. W. Chase appears to have led a prosperous life in Burlington according to newspaper articles describing the successes of his sash, door and blind factory. (1) Burlington city directories from 1865 to 1871 listed an E. W. Chase with the firm of Chase and Smith as having a house near Winooski Falls. From 1871-1872, the directory listed E. W. Chase with the firm of Chase and Smith as living in a house near the Winooski Bridge. A George W. Chase, an employee of Chase and Smith was also listed as having a house near the Winooski Bridge.

The 1890 Hopkins map of Burlington identifies "G. A. Rumsey" at 440 Colchester Avenue. The 1901 Burlington city directory lists Louise Rivers and Joseph Reume as residing at 440 Colchester Avenue, however, the 1902 Burlington city directory lists the house as vacant. By 1905, Drew Soucy, a mill hand, resided at 440 Colchester Avenue. In 1910, A. Brault is identified and the 1920 Burlington city directory listed Joseph Parrott, a laborer. Frank G. Benway, a weaver at the American Woolen Company, resided at 440 Colchester Street. (2) The 1940 Burlington city directory lists Mrs. Dorila Morin.


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