73 George Street

73 George Street is a two-story, gable front, three by two bay, wood frame structure on the southeast corner of the intersection of George and Peru Streets. Its easterly fašade features cornice returns and a simple entablature above the entrance door. By 1890, a large addition and shed were connected to the rear of the building,1 but most of the shed was removed by 1894.2 The side entry porch, with turned spindle posts, was added by 1900.3

The structure was built between 1857 and 1869.4 The Beers Atlas Map of 1869 lists the owner as an M. Lareau, but no resident by that name appears in any of the Burlington City Directories from 1865-1875. It is possible that this building has been rented for much of its existence. Michael D. Hyland bought the property in 1904,5 and it was occupied by William E. Carty, a fireman, and his family from the 1910s to the 1940s.6 The building remained in Hyland family hands for some time, being transferred to the Henry D. Hyland estate in 1929.7

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