72 Murray Street

72 Murray Street, also known as 155 North Street, is a building that has undergone a number of major changes. The original structure probably included the gable-front section, the ell, and the porch in the foreground. The porch detailing was probably changed at a later date. The rear portions of the building were added between 1900 and 1919.1 The north fašade, facing North Street and at one time housing a business, appears to have been clad in brick by 1931, as seen in the photograph below.2 72 Murray Street is the building at the far right of the image. 169 North Street can also be seen in the photograph, two buildings beyond 72 Murray Street.

This building was constructed between 1857 and 1869 on land belonging to Peter Lander, who owned a great deal of property in the North Street corridor.3 Although he did not purchase it until 1922,4 Peter E. Crady ran a grocery from this building until at least 1930.5 Frederick Martin purchased the structure in 1931, and sold it immediately to Clement Martin.6 This may have signaled the change from grocery to paint store, because Eugene McGowan, a painter, lived at 72 Murray Street in 1934,7 and the 1942 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map shows that the building is used for paints and wallpapers. By the 1950s, the entire building is being used for rental apartments.8

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