61 George Street

61 George Street is a two-story, gable-front, 3 bay, brick dwelling on the west side of George Street between Monroe and Peru Streets. It is a variation on the theme established by the row of houses immediately to the south, containing a full second floor rather than the half-story of the other structures. It has two entrance doors, one leading to an upstairs apartment, in the northernmost bay. Cornice returns are hidden by a two-story porch that was added by 1894.1 The posts and rails supporting the porch on the first story are similar to those found at 57 George Street, while those of the upper story have been recently replaced. The large wood frame addition at the rear was constructed by 1890.2

This structure was probably built between 1857 and 1869 like its immediate neighbors to the south, but footprint evidence suggests that this house may actually have been built before 1853.2 In 1869, the home was owned by William H. Thomas family, a meat merchant. The Thomas family continued to occupy the house until at least 1910.4 In 1915, this property was acquired by the W.G. Thomas estate, along with several other houses on George Street. It is unclear if W.G. Thomas and the William H. Thomas family are related. The house was occupied by a number of rental tenants in the following decades, such as Harry R. Fleming (a blacksmith), Thomas H. Bessette (a fireman), and Homer E. Flynn ( a farmer).5 In 1942, the properties owned by the Thomas estate were transferred to Florence (Bostwick) Cadorette, who continued to rent them.6

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