60 George Street

60 George Street is a two-story, four by two bay, eaves-front, frame building on the east side of George Street between Monroe and Peru Streets. It is very different from most of its neighbors in orientation and scale. Like many other buildings on the street, however, the gable ends do include cornice returns. A shed roof extension from the rear of the structure is either original to the building or was added shortly after the construction of the main structure. This building is currently used as a duplex, with dual entry doors sheltered by a porch that was added between 1900 and 1919.1 A large outbuilding to the rear of the main structure was added by 1890.2

This building was probably constructed in 1866 for a Mr. Collins,3 an employee of Jed P. Clark, wholesale merchant.4 By 1871, the house was occupied by a music teacher named L.H. Toby, who remained at the house until at least 1890.5 In the early 20th Century 60 George Street had many residents, including a widow (Mrs. Margaret Shepard), a delivery clerk (Frank J. Blow), and Edmond J. Ferland, a foreman at the Champlain Motor Company.6 In 1921, a retiree named Abraham J. Bissonette purchased the building, and the Bissonette family continues to own it.7

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