57 George Street

57 George Street is a one and one-half-story, gable-front, two over three-bay, brick dwelling on the west side of George Street between Monroe and Peru Streets. It is nearly identical to 53 George Street, which lies immediately to the south, and is very similar to 49, 52, and 56 George Street. The building features cornice returns, splayed brick lintels, and side lights surrounding the entrance in the southernmost bay. The porch, including its turned spindle posts, was added by 1894.1

This house was built for Garret Murray, a laborer, between 1857 and 1869.2 Murray continued to reside here until his death in 1893.3 Edward Gorman, an employee of the Champlain Valley Railroad, lived at 57 George Street from at least 1895 to 1903, and his widow still occupied the house in 1910.4 Like other properties on George Street, this building was acquired by the W.G. Thomas estate in 1915 and managed as rental property.5 Occupants during this period included Michael J. Mallow in the 1920s, a fireman; Mrs. Catherine Malloy in the 1930s, a widow; and Mrs. Hazel Ray in the 1940s, a bookkeeper with the Vermont Tuberculosis Association.6 In 1942, the properties owned by the Thomas estate were transferred to Florence (Bostwick) Cadorette, who continued to rent them.7

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