49 Murray Street

49 Murray Street is a one-and-one-half-story, gable-front, two bay, wood frame structure on the west side of Murray Street between Allen and North Streets. It is a vernacular construction, with few defining details. The flat roofed rear portion of the building appears to have been added very early in the building's life. It is currently undergoing a rehabilitation project.

The land on which 49 Murray Street sits had no structures on it in 1857,1 and its first resident was probably Useb Roberge. He may have acquired the property around 1861, when Leverett B. Englesby sold the adjoining property to Joseph Levee.2 Roberge moved to Murray Street in 1869,3 and it is his name that appears on the 1869 Beers Atlas Map. He sold the property again in 1870, however, to Daniel Gilmore,4 whose family held the property until 1916. Justin Dennis, a carpenter, bought "the same land and premises conveyed by Useb and Philomon Roberge" in 1916, and lived in the house until 1922.5 In 1930, 49 Murray Street was occupied by Edward J. Dorey, an electrician, and in 1940 it housed Donald G. Myott, and employee of the Hotel Vermont.6

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