48-50 North Champlain Street

48-50 North Champlain Street is a two-story, eaves-front, three by two bay, wood frame dwelling on the west side of North Champlain Street between Monroe and Peru Streets. Like 40 North Champlain Street, the building contains few stylistic details. Few major changes have been made to its exterior since construction. The building is currently undergoing structural repairs.

This building was probably constructed between 1853 and 1869.1 Another structure on this site in 1853 had a substantially different footprint than the current building. Mrs. Burton Shattuck lived here from1865 to 1871.2 In 1906, Mary E. Childs purchased the building and subsequently gained rental income from it until 1937.3 During this period it was rented to, among others, Mrs. Mary Donaldson (1910s, a widow), Peter O. Gaudreau (1920s, machinist at Mead Manufacturing), and Joseph S. Provost, Jr. (1930s, a letter carrier).4 The building continued serve as rental property after 1940, when a truck driver named William I. Cole resided there.5

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