45 George Street

45 George Street is a one and one-half-story, two over three-bay, gable-front, masonry building on the northwest corner of the intersection of George and Monroe Streets. Greek Revival features include cornice returns, side lights around the door in the south bay, and splayed brick lintels. A wood frame ell was added to the rear of the building by 1890, and a wraparound Queen Anne porch was constructed in parts between the construction of the building and 1919.1

This structure was built between 1857 and 18692 for George W. Hopkins, a stonecutter and foreman for the Burlington Manufacturing Company. The Hopkins family held the property until the 1910s. Throughout the early 20th Century, the house was occupied by workers who took advantage of the proximity of George Street to downtown Burlington. Among these workers were George E. Blaker in the 1920s, who was employed by VNC; Ralph E. Van Gelder in the 1930s, who worked for the Prestons of Church Street, who had both a jewelry and an optometrists shop; and Stephen L. Poulos in the 1940s, who worked at the College Shoe Shine Parlor.3

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