41 Murray Street

41 Murray Street is a two-story, two bay, gable-front, wood frame dwelling on the west side of Murray Street across from the western terminus of Allen Street. Like many similar buildings in the neighborhood, a simple entablature emphasizes the entrance door and cornice returns occur at the roofline. A large side porch was added before 1894, and was enclosed after 1978.1 A rear addition was completed between 1942 and 1978.2

The land on which 41 Murray sits was purchased from Leverett B. Englesby in 1861, and there was no house on the property at that time.3 Joseph J. Levee, who is labeled as J. Viele on the 1869 Beers Atlas Map, was the new owner. Levee's estate then sold the property, including the house that he built between 1861 and 1869, to Alexander Thomas in 1904.4 In 1912, the building was sold to Eva Bacon,5 and then to Orvile Dugal in 1913.6 Dugal lived in the house, sharing it in 1920 with a clerk named Albert A. Lussier, until 1921.7 In the 1920s, the house changed hands several times, and was renumbered from 39 to 41 Murray Street.8 Occupants of the 1930s included Richard A. Abare, a salesman, and Anatole Trahan, a barber.9

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