24 Monroe Street

24 Monroe Street is a two-story, gable-front, three by two bay, wood frame structure on the north side of Monroe Street between Park and North Champlain Streets. Its fašade contains cornice returns and a very simple entry porch that is probably not original to the building. A bay window was added to the east elevation between 1926 and 1942.1 A rear addition was added by 1890.2

This building was probably constructed between 1853 and 1869 for George H. Bostwick, although a building with a different footprint appears on the site in 1853.3 A straw deed to T.E. Wates in 1874 includes the land and the house thereon,4 and this same land and house is conveyed to Huldah Bostwick in 1887.5 The Bostwick family, which included blacksmiths and farmers, continued to own the property until 1954.6

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