169 North Street

169 North Street, like 72 Murray Street, looks substantially different than it did in 1869. Most of this change relates to maintenance, however, to surface treatment rather than structural change. The second story tripartite windows are not original, and have replaced sash windows since the 1930s. The wide board cladding is also new, replacing much thinner clapboards. The small first story windows have replaced large storefront windows, which most likely occurred when the building was converted to apartments in the 1970s. The subtle brackets below the cornice, however, are consistent with the Italianate embellishments typical of this period. The hood across the front of the building that separates the floors has replaced a similar element that contained the same style of brackets as that at the cornice. A photograph from 1931 featuring the building is shown below.1

This building was probably constructed between 1857 and 1869.2 The 1869 Beers Atlas Map does not assign an owner to it, and the early history of the building is difficult to trace. By 1895 it was owned by Arsene Boucher, who ran a barbershop from the storefront.3 Boucher opened a funeral home in 1903, and the business continued from that time at this site until 1969.4

Advertisement from 1961 Burlington City Directory

1Photograph courtesy of McAlester Collection, University of Vermont Special Collections.
2Walling Map, 1857; Beers Atlas Map, 1869.
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