104 North Champlain Street

104 North Champlain Street is a one and one-half-story, gable-front, wood frame building on the west side of North Champlain Street between Peru and North Streets. The ell was either original or was added before 1894,1 and an extant outbuilding was constructed between 1926 and 1942.2

The building was constructed between 1853 and 1869, and was home to the Nolan family as early as 1865.3 The Nolans retained the building, sometimes living in it and sometimes renting it, until 1922.4 Tenants in 1903 included Joseph Moran, a teamster, and Henry Bowley, an employee of Rutland Railroad.5 In the 1930s and 1940s, the house was home to occupants such as Arthur Morris, a truck driver, and Eugene F. Perras, an employee of Yandow Tire.6

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