38 Sherman Street

circa 1840s


by Nate Bailly

This Greek Revival gable front building is very similar to 28 Front Street in its use of aluminum wall cladding. There is little left of the original building aside from its fenestration, footprint, and Greek Revival entrance. In addition to the footprint, it is this entrance with its sidelights and unusual door bell that suggest a construction date prior to 1853. There appear to have been no additions throughout its life, aside from the front section of the porch which was added sometime after 1889.(1)

According to the 1869 Beers Atlas map of Burlington, C. Wainright resided at this address. A few years earlier in 1862, Wainright drew a map of Burlington that included locations of buildings and their inhabitants throughout the greater Burlington area. According to the 1902 Burlington directory, a person named T.G. Harvey resided at this location. The structure currently serves as a dwelling with three apartments.

(1) Sanborn Insurance Map, 1889.

Photo: Nate Bailly
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