28 Front Street

circa 1840s


by Nate Bailly

This gable front Greek Revival building has little remaining of its original exterior fabric, but appears to be a staunch survivor nonetheless. Like many older buildings in Burlington, it is clad in aluminum siding and weatherproof windows. The current footprint of the building is identical to the footprint on the 1853 Presdee & Edwards map. It remains the same on the succeeding Sanborn Insurance maps until current times. Close inspection of the 1877 Bird's Eye View map of Burlington shows that the building maintains the same fenestration.

One surprising detail of the building is its entrance. The original Greek Revival door surround survives, its wood construction protruding distinctively from the aluminum that surrounds it. Although in poor condition, it is apparently the only original attribute deemed worthy of keeping.

There was little found of this structure's history. No evidence was encountered connecting it to Smith's Glassworks. Further research on this would be necessary. According to the 1869 Beers Atlas, a person/family by the name of McKenny resided here. In 1902, the building was owned by Mrs. H. M. Proctor. Currently, the house serves as a two apartment dwelling.

Photo: Nate Bailly
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