18 Park Street

circa 1845


by Nate Bailly

This brick two story gable front Greek Revival building is located in the area that was known as "Glassville" while the Champlain Glass Company was in operation. Indeed, it was company property until after the Civil War.(1) It has some unusual characteristics, including an ogee shape gable vent and Italianate brackets inside the gable and underneath the eaves. This is the second occurrence of this ogee vent. The other was seen in the gable of 31/33 Pitkin Street. There could be a connection between these and a handful of similar details in and around Burlington, and further investigation may prove fruitful. The footprint of the structure has changed very little throughout its lifetime. Inspection of the 1853 Presdee & Edwards map and the 1877 Bird's Eye map of Burlington reveals that the southerly porch may have been added between these dates. The rear addition was apparently demolished and reconstructed sometime before 1889.(2)

After the Civil War, 18 Park Street was first occupied by W. A. Crombie, a lumber employee working for the Shepard, Davis, & Morse lumber firm.(3) Crombie later came to serve as Mayor of Burlington in the 1880s.(4) The building was later occupied by another Burlington Mayor, J. D. Hatch.(5)

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Photo: Nate Bailly
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