87 Spring Street

Circa 1845


By Joe Haun

The front-gabled, Greek Revival Style house at 87 Spring Street is similar to other Greek Revival homes in Burlington with its three-bay, two-and-one-halfstory façade. However, the two-story porch is quite unusual and was added to better facilitate the building in its use as apartments.(1)

This building was most likely built as a single home and later used as apartments in 1903 when the Burlington City Directory begins listing two people. A Mr. Adolphus Delage is listed until 1903. Confusion in the history of this building may have been affected by the fact that it was listed as 77 Spring Street until 1924.(2) The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps show that the building noted as 77 Spring Street is indeed the same as the one standing at 87 Spring Street today.(3)

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