86 St. Paul Street

Circa 1840


By Joe Haun

This building was built circa 1840. It may have been built as an ell to the old bank block that was of similar massing and ran down College Street. Its original use is unknown.(1) A baker, Socrates Beach was already using a building to house his bakery and confectionary store within this block as early as 1825.(2) Beach bought this building from Levi Underwood about 1869 and used the northern half of it to store flour and other baking supplies until the turn of the century. The south side of the building has been used as a boarding house and continued being used as tenements into the twentieth century. The northern section of the building later housed a harness shop, Lanou & Sons Plumbing, and a tire shop.(3)

In 1948 the Burlington Savings Bank converted much of the building into offices and installed the first drive up window in Vermont.(4) Much of the building is now vacant, except for the first floor which has been renovated for restaurant use.

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