61 Elmwood Avenue

Circa 1845


By Joe Haun

This building was most likely built as an income-producing duplex, seeing a constant turnover of tenants throughout its history. It was built in the decade before 1853 and its first known tenants were James D. Miller and Amos Jones who lived here from 1866 until 1872. Louise Melaney and Susan English, two working widows lived here until 1891.(1) Tenants and owners continued to change into the twentieth century as this building continues housing apartments today.(2)

Additions and alterations have characterized this building throughout its history. Front and rear porches are seen as early as 1894. The front porch continues to change through the twentieth century and a large ell is seen in 1942. In the early 1970's, the rear ell was replaced by the huge, motel-style ell found today housing about a dozen apartments.(3)

After a heavy winter in 2000-2001, the front porch collapsed. It was recently replaced in September and October of 2001 following recommendations provided by University of Vermont, Historic Preservation student Michael Bowman, class of 2002.

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