331 St. Paul Street

Circa 1845


By Joe Haun

This house is very similar to its neighbor 325 St. Paul Street and was also built circa 1845. The front-gable with enclosed pediment and side ell is nearly identical to 325 St. Paul Street. The splayed, brick lintels contrast the heavy granite lintels at 325. Its unusual door surround with fluted, ionic columns turned sideways is also different from what is seen on other Greek Revival houses in Burlington.(1)

It was the home of Dr. Matthew Cole until 1866. A Mrs. Paul is shown here on the 1869 and 1890 maps but directories list a Mrs. Ira Paul at another address and a Mrs. Fannie Paul at 349 St. Paul street in 1891.(2)

By 1900, directories list three individuals here showing its change to apartments. A large, unconnected extension off the rear of the building was completed by 1982 that gives this property a total of ten apartments today.(3)

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